Thursday, 6 May 2010

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Stamp It – ‘Start your own trend’

iePeel Skin

Printing onto a range of electronic products including:
Mobile Phones, Laptops, MP3 Players, Games Consoles/Devices

Designs by
Custom designs by the user
Celebrity names/brands
Sports Brands

The Tech
I’ve been conducting some research into different ways of printing and producing ‘skins’ for electrical devices. The market is flooded by companies producing ‘tacky’ Plastic cases that are thin, easily scratched and are bad for the environment, due to not being made with recycled plastics. On the other hand, a smaller proportion of the market produce stick-on vinyl covers for a large range of devices. These ‘skins’ are usually vinyl stickers that often leave residue on any surface it is stuck to and are not re-usable or recyclable. This is where ‘Stamp it’ aims to provide a re-usable/recyclable silicon or gel- based case that can be either printed onto or present a design in some form. The reason Stamp it ahs decided to differ from the main portion of the competitors is due to several new developments into silicon and gel based substances which can be manipulated in many ways. Including being reactive to forms of light or chemicals and textures and surface types which could even be printed onto like standard vinyl stickers.

After finding may companies who produce both plastic and vinyl sticker based skins iv been able to produce a Data Sheet to show the average cost of manufacture using different produce types and the general retail price in which it equivilates to.



Av. Daily Price to Manufacture Multiples
Unit Price Range
Vinyl Sticker
High Quality/ Not re-usable
£5- £12
Plastic Skin
Range of Colours
 / Easily damaged
Re-usable/ Other forms still in development


Vinyl Stickers

Silk Screen Fabric Gel




Unique Skins

Skin It



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