Thursday, 29 April 2010


Hi All  Please find attached spreadsheet of things to do. I have only filled in this weeks as you guys will need to fill out the schedule according to your involvement and contribution towards this Business plan. It is important that all members keep up to date with what is discussed and what each person is doing as this is detrimental to the success of achieving the target and deadline for this project. I know some of you guys didn't turn up to the meeting last week due to other commitments. You will need to know the final idea we are to be using to push this business project forward. Please can those within the group that have not chosen a position towards this project please do so to move this plan to the next stage.  Diogo will deliver a quick powerpoint presentation about the idea so everyone understands the business Idea as well filling out a business plan.  This will also be put on the blog. Can everyone depending on there allocated jobs put all the information research questions etc on the blog from know on so we can all keep up to date with this project.  Any Queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact me or Diogo . Jonathan emailed everyone contact details...  Blog address:  Please can everyone liaise and communicate and add work via this blog.  Jobs  Depa - Project Manager Diogo - Finance Manager Michael - Brand Manager Jonathan - Marketing Manager  We have not heard from Jade, Jamie or Lew concerning the positions still available to be filled. Please could you let us know as soon as possible.  The positions that are still available that will need to be filled are....  Sales Manager Creative Director Retail Manager Head of Corporate Responsibility Research and Development  We will be meeting in the canteen tomorrow lunch time. We would appreciate everyone to attend so you can keep in touch what is going on. 

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