Thursday, 29 April 2010

To Team

Thank You guys for presenting today...sorry I couldn't be there as am stuck in bed ill. please find attached revised power point. As everyone now has an overview of our business venture we need to discuss how we are going to make our business stand out from the rest.

Jamie we need to keep costs as low as possible with regards the transferring of artwork to the device or product be cool if you can phone some companies just get a quote etc. . We have tough competition most companies that do relatively similar things are averaging around the £26-£30 which is tough....

So next week We need to discuss finance plan - costs of overheads, forecast, materials etc. So please can we meet next week. Diogo would like a meeting with marketing so Lew and Jade to discuss cost of marketing our product/service and with Jamie.

Need to discuss Branding etc.

So let me know what day will be best since we have E&E on Thursday lets meet up for lunch after E&E. We could go for a drink down the pub if you like.

I shall send you a schedule for what we need. Please can everyone make sure that you have information ready to discuss... Nice one guys

So as it stands lets meet on the Thursday 06th May 1pm after E&E. Please can everyone try to attend.

Greg need to discuss with you a position so please can you contact me when it is convenientto do so....

Much Appreciated


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