Thursday, 29 April 2010

Corporate Resposibility Notes - Depa Masih


Who’s to blame culture? Corporate terms

o Not protecting its customer but itself.

o Corporate responsible message letting customer know… Can one support the Marketing Plan culbable – responsible for what your business cannot deliver?

o Fines that can run into 1000 fro people who have lead organisations that have allowed the organisation to be irresponsible.

o Stakeholders

o How media can have a mass effect on a business…

o Global Village – Illusion that the world has come closer…. Part of same space.

o Japan-Different standards…our relationship of each other…Shinto Buddhism little we should value our own ego…importance of hang together as a collective….In Britain and America behave for ourselves. Far less clever working collaboratively with each other. Take ownership of mistakes. Japanese do and western culture not.

o India – Bhopal – leak of gas in factory poisoned thousand of people. 20 years ago. People led plant take responsibility of inept health and safety design and management of plant. Shame. Still arguing who did it.

o Corporate law. Who is legally bound to pay?

o Stakeholders and shareholders. Will not be supportive of paying large amounts of compensation lack of incompetence.

o Hurricane Katrina – New Orleans – Barriers not good enough - flooding….seeing issue. These things happen-act of god. No one responsible. United states responsible as contract was not met. Pay out all people s claims

o Tsunami inability to work with the planet. James Lovelock – The Revenge of Gaia Theory called Gaia – Whole hemisphere is alive ecosystem delicately balanced of each other. Theory not balance humanity biggest enemy so planet is going to protect itself planet will eventually remove us.

o Chernobyl – Radiation - Nuclear power.

Mars – Richard Branson – lovelock free ticket. Political willpower and Money – Mars…William Gibson – necromancer – world is governed by big companies.

Corporate Responsibility of Consortium of Industry made up of businesses with shareholders etc.

1. Budget…Consortium approach how major companies get together.

2. Aggregates - finding companies to work together.

3. Importance of getting third party – market product.

4. Contracts


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