Thursday, 29 April 2010

One of the meetings for E&E on leadership for those who missed it. Depa Masih

3cs of leadership


o Realistic, optimistic, confident, empathy, being able to deliver, not arrogant, proactive, approachable, lead by example, recognize potential and ambitions. Recognition, adaptable,


o Deadlines, networking, multi-task, pacing, opportunities, think outside the box, be aware of trends and opportunities, delegating, recognise talents, manage performance-subject, prioritise,


o Competitors, Market trends, Economics up and down performances, peaks and troughs of the business, footfall, monitor staffing activity, environmental, financial, health and safety, politics, growing business, like for like, emotional intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

1. Self-awareness - Strengths and weaknesses

2. Self management - Time Management, plan

3. Social skill- Aware of impact on others, E+R=O = Event + Response = Outcome. Composed.

4. Social awareness -

Six Leadership Styles

1. Coercive – “ do what I tell you” - High risk, army

2. Authoritive – ‘come with me’

3. Affilitive – “people come first” – people get needy and dependent. Time consuming.

4. Democratic – “ what do you think”.

5. Pacesetting – “do as I do, now”.

6. Coaching – “try this”.

Leadership combined with business plan.

Competition and trends in context with giving substance.

Imagine Leadership By XPLANE & Nitin Nohria

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