Thursday, 29 April 2010

Schedule so far - Depa Masih

Wk 1 - 05.04.10 - 11-04.10

Wk 2 - 12.04.10 - 18.04.10

Wk 3 - 26.04.10 - 02.05.10 Formative

Wk 4 - 03.05.10 - 09.05.10

Fill Job Positions

Project Manager

Present Job Descriptions

Power Point Presentation


Depa Masih

Research Companies

Research competition

Discuss everyone’s progress and finance report to be done


Update Blog

Finance Manager - Diogo

Attend Business plan workshop

Finance report to be done

Business Plan


Power Point presentation to rest of team

Work out all overheads

Course on Social Responsibility

Course on Intellectual Property

Arrange Meeting with Marketing and Sales and Finance

Mark McGuiness Lecture

Marketing Manager - Lew/Jade

Arrange Meeting with all members of Team to discuss Marketing plan look at examples.

Discuss Marketing Strategies. Cost of Marketing Budget and how to increase customers.

Market Research Manager Depa

Research 3 Similar type businesses with similar idea. What is our point of difference? Cost of Printing on objects. What products are marketable? Look at best places to advertise where we can reach a mass audience.


Brand Manager - Jonathan

Research 5 similar Companies on Branding. What makes our Brand Stand out? Unique selling point.

Discuss Branding and look at other companies

Sales Manager - possibly Gregory

Identify What we are selling and target selling opportunities within the Market. Set up a meeting with Finance to generate how much Business each year. Profit and Loss…3 Year forecast on targets and sales plan. Generating new business and keeping those that are loyal.

Head of Corporate Responsibility

Identify Legal documents and legislations and team endeavour responsibility of delivering business proposal to our customers. Look at shareholders and position of responsibility.

Technical Manager


Appliance of artwork on product and devices/ look at competition and cost effective ways of delivering application

Appliance of artwork on product and devices/ look at competition and cost effective ways of delivering application

Creative Director - Michael

Overseeing design of product. Web Development and consistency with branding. Branding advertising fits with client’s requirements. And the image they wish to promote for their company or product. The main aspects of this role are to interpret a client's communications strategy and then develop proposed creative approaches and treatments that align with that strategy. Another is to initiate and stimulate creative ideas for and from everyone involved in the creative process. In charge of the finalisation quality of the final work. Liaise with artists and Branding and Marketing.

Editor and Chief

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