Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Research: The Tech - Jamie

Following on from the Project Natal visual recognition system, my research has caused me to stumble apon some other useful technology relating to the idea of an 'Interacting Shopping experience".

The first is a gesture recognition system, adopted by Orange in 2007. Very similar to the Project Natal system, but i also like graphical layout in which orange have used the system to drag and add items to a location. This location example is a mobile device. -

Second is a shopping experience with a difference. A system in which the user develops an environment around a subject or item. This system could be used to replace your current environment in which your standing/sitting in, which could be recorded through a camera. To an environment where you may want to wear your clothing, like a club, bar or the beach. -

Finally a facial recognition system which could be used to identify a particular user. The user could then have a 'profile' that holds crucial information about the user, like age, weight, height, favourite colours, favourite styles of clothing and general interests. Once the user is recognised by the camera/device, they would be automatically 'signed in' and an online search would take place to find the clothing which would best suit you (or the details you've submitted to your profile). Saving time searching through hundreds or even thousands of bad search results. -

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