Wednesday, 28 April 2010

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iaPeel Personalized Skins for Mobile Devices

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By Mark Rollins

Most of us that have mobile devices, and many of us have covers or “skins” for them. In fact, entire businesses have got rich over the simple consumer need (or rather want) of iPod and iPhone skins.

Of course, one of the problems is that the consumer has to accept the pattern of the skin that the provider can give. The problem is that many of these providers don’t give very pretty ones. Not only that, removing the skins can be quite difficult. However, the IaPeel allows the user to print their own customizable skin.

So if you want to put your family photo on there, you can. In fact, you can even make it so the screen itself will carry on the image. See in the example there how the frame of this screen, there are five people?

The IaPeel works with amazing simplicity. What you should do is use the included design software, and then use your favorite photo of anything.

Then all you need to do is insert the iaPeel into a normal inkjet printer, and set it to the highest quality of photo settings. When it is printed out, go ahead and clean your mobile device and you can put the skin on it.

I had a chance to talk to the company at a recent conference, and they said that the way to apply the iaPeel is quite simple, a patented method of using tabs with an outline.

In fact, you should probably use something that is uniquely you, so that if you are ever in a situation where you need to leave your cellular phone or other mobile device somewhere with others, the IaPeel will give you a unique look.

Best of all, the iaPeel skin can be easily removed and will not leave any adhesive residue. It sounds like those who made the iaPeel designed it to be constantly removable. So when you get tired of the personalized design that you have, you can just change it out for something new.

As of this writing, iaPeel is a budding company. You can go to their website at and order personalized skins for the iPod Classic, iPod nano, iPod Touch and iPhone. Each of these Starter Kits cost about $29.95, with refill packs costing $26.95.

In case you are wondering if the iaPeel is planning on being on more than just Apple products, then you should know that they are updating iaPeel for more mobiles in the future.

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